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Refinancing Guide
From lowering your rate or pulling cash out - this guide is for you.
• Kasey Home Loans
Securing a Mortgage When You’re Self Employed
Understanding the challenges for self-employed individuals to qualify for mortgages.
• Kasey Home Loans
Why Shopping Lenders Can Be a Bad Idea
Everybody tells you to shop lenders. Nobody says when to stop.
• Kasey Home Loans
Are You Getting Too Many Calls from Mortgage Lenders?
Why you get them and how to avoid the annoying calls.
• Kasey Home Loans
What are transfer taxes?
This guide explains what transfer taxes are, how much, and who normally pays them.
• Kasey Home Loans
Why Is My Rate Different? Factors That Affect Pricing
You neighbor keeps telling you how he got a 2% so why can't you?
• Kasey Home Loans

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