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Home Buying Tips

Advice and tips for individuals navigating the home buying process both before and after ownership.


Explore more articles, guides and tools for home buying.

2024 First Time Home Buyer Guide
This step-by-step guide walks you through the process of buying your first home and overcoming common challenges.
• Kasey Home Loans
The Truth Behind "Heroes" & "Next Door" Programs
Unfortunately, public servants are heavily targeted for home buying. Here are a few things tips and things to watch out for.
• Kasey Home Loans
Does House Hacking Work in 2024? How to House Hack.
Investigating the effectiveness of house hacking for reducing mortgage costs and boosting income.
• Kasey Home Loans
Securing a Mortgage When You’re Self Employed
Understanding the challenges for self-employed individuals to qualify for mortgages.
• Kasey Home Loans
Why Shopping Lenders Can Be a Bad Idea
Everybody tells you to shop lenders. Nobody says when to stop.
• Kasey Home Loans
Are You Getting Too Many Calls from Mortgage Lenders?
Why you get them and how to avoid the annoying calls.
• Kasey Home Loans

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