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(Un)Frequently Asked Questions

In alignment with our commitment to transparency, we've tried to answer any questions that might be awkward to ask.


We understand that everyone says the same bologna and this industry is notoriously misleading. We take a lot of pride in our knowledge, commitment to transparency, and high level client service.

We are a group of loan officers that created our own LLC called Kasey Home Loans.

Nexa Mortgage helps with the complexities of brokerage licensing and compliance.

Nexa also provides the connection to 100+ lenders and takes a very small percentage of our commission. This allows us to provide many options and have full control over our pricing.

We provide superior level of care at tangibly better pricing.

  • We answer our phones on the weekend, late night and early morning. This can be the difference in getting an offer accepted.
  • Our pricing is substantially better.
  • Our knowledge and problem solving ability is underwriter level.
  • Nobody moves as quickly as we do.
  • We genuinely care about your success.

Kasey Home Loans was founded in August of 2023.

Despite our recent founding we have closed over 500 loans over our career with a focus on quality.

Ramsin has closed over 500 loans combined (that's a lot) including very complex and non-standard situations. Ramsin were known as the highest quality and most efficient bankers at their previous employers.

We understand that nobody likes an emotional roller coaster of thinking you are approved to later find out you're not.

We work incredibly hard to ensure that every loan we put into process will close.

We just started.

World domination coming soon.

Please feel free to check out our licensing page where we show you how to look up a license and show ours.

First, we implore you to get a quote with us. Not only will it be very accurate, it will be nearly unbeatable.

Since we work with Nexa Mortgage, which is a broker that takes a very small commission, not only do we have control over our pricing unlike most places, we get wholesale discounts that others can't get.

Yes, we are a middle man. We facilitate the qualification, customer service, and get pricing that you can't get yourself.

If we both call the same lender we will be many thousands of dollars cheaper while still making money and providing better service.

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