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2024 First Time Home Buyer Guide
This step-by-step guide walks you through the process of buying your first home and overcoming common challenges.
• Kasey Home Loans
May 15, 2024 Market Update
Rates are currently volatile and not going the way we had hoped.
• Kasey Home Loans
Adjustable Rate Mortgage Basics
Learn about what an adjustable rate mortgage is, their advantages, and drawbacks.
• Kasey Home Loans
What Do I Need to Know about FHA Loans - 2024
Discover everything you need to know about FHA loans: low down payments, flexible qualifications and guidelines.
• Kasey Home Loans
The Truth Behind "Heroes" & "Next Door" Programs
Unfortunately, public servants are heavily targeted for home buying. Here are a few things tips and things to watch out for.
• Kasey Home Loans
Does House Hacking Work in 2024? How to House Hack.
Investigating the effectiveness of house hacking for reducing mortgage costs and boosting income.
• Kasey Home Loans

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